The Summit is an event that brings together people who care about the future of rural Wisconsin – and their community.  Rural challenges are well-documented.
This year’s theme, “Vibrant Rural Communities: From Talk to Action” will focus on how small cities, villages and towns throughout our state are taking positive steps to shape a brighter future.  Come curious, leave inspired!   Starting with our keynote speaker……..

Keynote Speaker just announced!

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We are SO excited to announce that Deb Brown from SaveYour.Town will be our keynote speaker at our Rural Summit!  Deb believes small towns can be saved — including yours.

Small towns can best be saved by their own people using their own resources.  Small towns thrive when they set themselves apart. We’ve joined forces to show you practical steps to help you shape a brighter future for your small town.

Deb says SaveYour.Town are the Change Agents.  They are not the experts on small towns, they are the experts FOR small towns, including yours. You’ll hear lots of stories of small towns doing things the new way. It’s going to feel weird and strange, and yet somehow right. You’ll slip back into the old way once and awhile (Deb says she did). You’ll find out people you thought were in the future track are really a part of the committee of negativity. You’ll find people in your crowd who you never expected to be there.

Deb grew up on a farm outside of Geneva, Iowa, population 141. Her first entrepreneurial venture was raising a hog. You’d find her either with her nose in a history book or out exploring abandoned houses and buildings. Funny, things haven’t changed much, she’s still working on filling empty buildings in small towns.

A wealth of experience includes leading a small town chamber of commerce, foreign casualty insurance underwriting, bartending, managing internet stores and luggage stores, selling knives, and working with small towns. Deb has lived in tiny towns, small towns, small cities and a major metro city. Yet, she’s come home to a small town and travels to many others to help. Deb is a relentless optimist and knows how to build possibility in your small town. Better yet, she inspires you to take small steps towards a brighter future for your community.

More Summit News coming soon!

April 22-23

There are several roles you can take in the Rural Summit:

  • Participant – register to participate in the roundtable sessions. Information will be posted when information on the next Rural Summit becomes available.

  • Facilitator – People with facilitation skills are needed to keep the dialogue flowing and productive at the round-tables.

  • Sponsor – financial and in-kind contributions help to keep the registration fees low so more people can participate.

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