CROW about your accomplishments!

Consider becoming a Top Rural Development Initiative Nominee!

Nominations for the 2021 TRDI are closed!
Winners will be announced early this fall

The Top Rural Development Initiatives recognizes those communities and organizations that have made a positive impact on their rural area through collaboration and sheer grit. Overcoming challenges to make good things happen in rural areas is difficult. We want to share success stories with other rural areas and the world so we can learn from one another and prove that, although many rural areas are struggling, there are places that are having success, which creates hope for all of us.

What are we looking for?


All types of projects!  Past award winners have been recognized with projects in:

  • agriculture

  • community development

  • business

  • education

  • health

  • energy

  • the environment

  • philanthropy

  • tourism

  • community resiliency

What makes a winning nomination?


  • Strong partnerships

  • Collaborative decision‐making

  • Widespread and long‐term positive impact

  • Innovation

What is "rural"?


Honestly, we’re not sure, but generally an area population under 10,000 that is not adjacent to an urban center.