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Deb Brown

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Deb Brown gave a sneak peek of the Survey of Rural Challenges Results Presentation that she and Becky McCray will be presenting to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association at their regional meetings in September. 


“Rural people have told us that the rural stories that get the most media attention aren’t really the same as their challenges. In 2017 and 2019, rural businesses said that marketing and lack of good people to hire were bigger challenges than finding a loan,” Deb Brown, co-founder of SaveYour.Town said. “People are more concerned with finding a usable building than finding a loan.” 


Based on the Attendees' feedback from our Virtual Rural Summit there was a BIG interest in creating an ongoing series that people could participate in over their lunch hour. Discussing & sharing rural issues, success stories along with valuable tips & ideas.


We have partnered with the Office of Rural Prosperity and will be opening up our "Brown Bag" and give you a preview of this new series starting in August. We are excited to tell you all about it. From the Appetizer, to Today's Special, the Main Course & Dessert, there is a full menu of rural topics each month.


We will even have fun food themes each month to jazz up your lunch!