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Broadband in Your Backyard - Let's Make it Happen!

Broadband and how we did it in our own backyards!

  • Dale Knapp – Wisconsin Counties Association 

    • Intro to Broadband

  • TBA - Boulder Junction

  • Scott Larson - Wood County

  • Scott Feldt - Kewaunee County

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Dale Knapp
Director 0f Research & Development  
Wisconsin Counties Association

Dale is the Director of Research and Analytics for the Wisconsin Counties Association. He publishes research and analysis on a variety of economic and public policy issues facing the State of Wisconsin. He has written extensively on Wisconsin school finance, the state economy and demographics, and state fiscal health.

Scott Larson
Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The pandemic intensified the need for adequate broadband service for businesses and education, as employees and students all tried to work from home.  Access to broadband will improve public safety, increase quality of education K-16, allow the use of telehealth services and improve quality of life, thus making Wood County a more attractive place to live.

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Scott Feldt
Administrator - Kewaunee County

Scott has been the Kewaunee County Administrator since 2015. In that time, he has secured over $2.4 million in grant funding to expand broadband access in Kewaunee County. Scott has overseen the improvement of the financial health of the county and the expansion of recreational opportunities for county residents and visitors.


Previously, Scott was the Deputy State Treasurer for the State of Wisconsin and has overseen economic development in three states. Scott has been heard on National Public Radio and quoted in Governing Magazine.

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Michael Bub
Taylor County Board

Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a Computer Science major.  Worked for Tombstone Pizza, Kraft Foods and Nestle Foods as a Senior Information Systems Manager for 32 years.

Currently serve as the Chairman of Taylor County Broadband Committee and a member of the Taylor County Board of Supervisors.

Steve Coon
Coontail - Boulder Junction

Steve is a self-proclaimed recreation expert. Growing up spending summers in northern Wisconsin and winters in Florida, Steve became an avid waterman at a young age.   He very much enjoys using the products he buys for the store and is always excited to talk about the "cool" things at Coontail.  

Data & Maps

  • Jaron McCallum – Public Service Commission

  • Kurt Kiefer - WI Department of Public Instruction

    • Division for Libraries & Technology

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Jaron McCallum
Director of Broadband - PSC of Wisconsin

The mission of the Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) is to make high performance broadband more accessible, resilient, competitive and affordable in Wisconsin. Since 2009, the WBO has been collecting and mapping broadband coverage information for improved planning purposes. As part of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the WBO serves as the leader and coordinator of broadband goals, data and strategies across the state. Our vision is that all Wisconsinites have the information technology capacity needed to fully participate in society. ​

Kurt Kiefer
Asst. State Superintendent
WI Dept. of Public Instruction

Kurt has served as the Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Libraries and Technology at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction since September 2010.  The Division oversees all information technology efforts for DPI, provides oversight for instructional technology and library media programs across Wisconsin, and serves as the state library agency.  At DPI, Kiefer serves as the Wisconsin state librarian and the DPI’s Chief Information Officer.  

Working with your Private Internet Provider

  • Jim Costello – LYNXX Networks

  • Steve Schneider - Bug Tussel Wireless

Jim Costello
CEO - LYNXX Networks

Jim Costello is CEO of Lynxx Networks and President of 3RT Networks. He has 40 years of  experience in the industry, and has led the company 17 of those years, overseeing the growth and expansion of Lynxx Networks, including the acquisition of 3RT Networks.

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Steve Schneider
Co-Founder - President & CEO -- Bug Tussel Wireless

Responsible for corporate strategy and operational execution for wholesale and retail products including intercarrier roaming, Bug Tussel(tm) Broadband, AT&T Mobility products, Network Transport and Contract Switching. Bug Tussel is focused on serving rural and unserved markets with its innovative customer approach blending local Business Development Managers (BDM) with independent sales reps (ISR) and a community education program called Bug Tussel University (BTU).

Funding & Grant Sources

  • Wendy Gehlhoff – Director - Florence County Economic Development

    • Local Match

  • Jaron McCallum - Public Service Commission

  • Maryann Lippert - Maryann Lippert Consultant, LLC

    • Writing a Funding Application

Wendy Gehlhoff
Director - Florence County Economic Development

Wendy's work focuses on facilitating business growth and leading efforts to accomplish community development projects to improve Florence County as a place to live, work and recreate.  She developed and is implementing a Tax Incremental District to increase jobs and tax base, supports local entrepreneurs and led process to submit and implement 2 PSC Broadband Expansion grants.  

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Jaron McCallum
Director of Broadband - PSC of Wisconsin
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MaryAnn Lippert
MaryAnn Lippert Consultant, LLC

MaryAnn is very well connected throughout a good share of Wisconsin.  She has built relationships with over 40 counties in WI throughout her career.

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