This study provides an update of the Contribution of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy undertaken by Deller (2014) using data for 2017, the most current available. Despite currently weak commodity prices, particularly within dairy, agriculture (defined to include on-farm activities, food processing, forestry and horticulture) remains an important part of the Wisconsin economy.

DHS grants will help fill critical health care positions by providing more education and training opportunities to rural health care professionals

Federal Rural Resources Guide

A listing of Federal programs that can be used to address substance use disorder and opioid misuse in rural communities.  Designed to be a one-stop-shop for rural leaders looking for Federal funding and partnership opportunities

Wisconsin Poverty Report Summary: 2017 Summary of the 11th Annual Wisconsin Poverty Report -  June 2019 Timothy M. Smeeding and Katherine A. Thornton

Community Assessment Tool

Provides a snapshot of user-friendly, county-by-county data about drug overdose deaths and socio-economic conditions in a county to help leaders build grassroots solutions for prevention, treatment and recovery.

School Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide for teachers, administrators and staff about resources available to help educate and protect students from substance misuse.

National Drug Control Policy Strategy:  Establishes the Administration’s priorities for addressing the challenge of drug trafficking and use.

The State Rural Development Council Movement: Challenges and Opportunities for the Academy and the Practice of Community Development

The Seven Habits of Highly Depolarizing People - The American Interest

Community Supported Enterprises as a Local Investment Strategy - N. Walzer

2019 Spring - Wisconsin Rural Partners Health Advisory Committee