Wisconsin Rural Partners develops networks, leadership and voice for rural Wisconsin.

goal 1 - build & support networks

goal 2 - leadership development

  1. Build skills

  2. Build confidence

  3. Increase capabilities for self-reliance and resolving issues

  4. Increased involvement and participation

  5. Create opportunities for participation

  6. Monitor and raise issues

  1. Convene clarifying conversations among rural voices

  2. Facilitate information exchange on rural issues (between local, state, national)

  3. Raise awarness about rural Wisconsin issues

  4. Build rural credibility and trust

  5. Gather and communicate the rural stories of success

  6. Cultivate media relationships

  7. Engage or joing regionally/nationally for rural voice

  8. Celebrate success and ingenuity

  9. Maintain SRDC status

  1. Create a dynamic inventory of networks in rural Wisconsin

  2. Use networks to expand the opportunities of existing and new initiatives

  3. Build networks around our values

  4. Infuse rural into networks

  5. Provide the environment for networks to form

  6. Create an environment of trust

goal 3 - voice